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Contractor Mortgages

Contractor Mortgages

At Alexander Rosse, our aim is to go above and beyond to assist our clients in any way we can, so we formed a partnership with specialist contractor mortgage brokerage Contractor Mortgages Made Easy (CMME) to help our clients to overcome the traditional problems that they may face in securing funding for a mortgage.

Many clients have told us of the frustrations that they have experienced in trying to obtain mortgage funding. This is often because the lender has no understanding of the payment vehicles that you may utilise as a contractor, and as such the banks will usually ignore any areas of earnings which do not fit neatly into their ‘standardised’ processes. As a result, the contractor is often faced with an adverse outcome, such as reduced borrowing or a declined application.

Contractor Mortgages Made Easy seeks to ensure that you are not penalised by the lender due to any complexities in the way that you pay yourself. Due to their authority within the marketplace, their specialist consultants are able to present your circumstances to the lender upfront, in order to agree a bespoke underwriting arrangement whereby your full gross earnings are taken into account when affordability is assessed for mortgage purposes. Through these arrangements, which are uniquely tailored to your own circumstances and remuneration vehicles, contractors can maximise borrowing potential and any adverse risks due to complexities in earnings are eliminated.

Advice is completely impartial and sourced from the whole of the market, meaning that you can secure the same competitive ‘high street’ rates offered to permanent workers.

Here is a short summary of the benefits that CMME offers:

  • Mortgages based on full contract earnings
  • Mortgages at competitive ‘High Street’ rates
  • Bespoke underwriting for contractors
  • Contractor mortgages for ALL professions
  • Impartial advice sourced from the whole of the market
  • Two key points of contact throughout the entire process
  • Insurance advice included as part of the service

To find out more about how much you could borrow, visit Contractor Mortgages or call 01489 555 080.

Contractor Mortgages Made Easy is a trading name of Mortgages Made Easy Limited. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA reg. 414798).
Registered in England No. 4886692 Registered Office: 9 London Road, Southampton SO15 2AE.
Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.