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The Alexander Rosse Approach

Alexander Rosse is on a mission to redesign the way accountancy services are delivered. For years, the profession has delivered its services to clients in an archaic fashion, using outdated technology and offering little value. The firm has designed its services to eliminate some of the costly practices that add little value, such as the transmission and storage of paper, face-to-face meetings, hourly billing and out of date reporting.

Alexander Rosse advisors are all professionally qualified and have extensive experience in working with small to medium sized businesses and sole traders as well as entrepreneurs and rapid-growth companies.

Alexander Rosse has a business model similar to ours, where simplicity is a key feature. People and business tend to over complicate things, which does not add value.

- Pontus Noren, Co-founder and Director, Cloudreach Ltd – One of the first IT companies to serve cloud computing technology