A session with Mortgages for Business about how the Section 24 changes impacted landlords

Abel Asiamah, one of our Senior Managers and Head of Tax recorded a session where he covered the following questions in conversation with Mortgages for Business:

  1. Please can you give a brief summary of how the Section 24 changes impacted landlords?
  2. What investment structure options are there for landlords?
  3. How are you taxed when investing through a limited company?
  4. What are the cons?
  5. How do you draw income from a limited company?
  6. Can you talk us through the process and tax implications of moving personally owned property into a limited company?
  7. We’re hearing more landlords ask about Beneficial Interest Limited Trusts. Can you explain what this is and why it’s different from standard limited company structures?

You may watch the recording below:

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