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Alexander Rosse | About Us
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About us

Alexander Rosse was founded eight years ago by a group of entrepreneurs, who happened to be accountants as well. We all had a mix of experience in finance, corporate finance and technology, gained at “Big 4” accountancy practices, in large multinationals as well as in high growth smaller businesses from startups to unicorns.

Frustrated at how only big businesses had access to the best financial support, we founded Alexander Rosse in order to use emerging technology, such as the cloud, to provide reasonably priced, high-quality professional services to younger businesses.


What makes us different?


We were one of the first accountancy practices to adopt Xero as our core (and sole) platform. That means that all our processes are designed around Xero and we have depth and breadth in the area.

The founders do not believe in per-minute billing and we have a simple billing model whereby we agree with the services you want and charge you an annual fee collected by monthly direct debit. Any services you require outside of those agreed will be charged for after you have agreed on a quote from us.

We have served hundreds of clients across a range of sectors and know how to nurture ambitious entrepreneurs. We clients in FinTech, PropTech, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, biometrics, online gaming, VR/AR, AI, social media and cloud consultancies. We also serve contractors, property investors, specialist retailers and niche F&B businesses amongst others.

We have flexible services that can develop along with your business, without the risk of taking on permanent staff.


What services do we provide?


We can help you at every stage of your development, from formation and structuring to compliance services, an outsourced finance function to a part-time CFO, corporate finance and tax solutions.

We have detailed our full range of services HERE. Please CONTACT US to discuss your specific requirements.