The Kickstart Scheme: a genuine COVID-19 good news story for businesses?


Alexander Rosse is delighted to introduce you to People and their Brilliance, employability experts and government approved Gateway of Kickstart placements. They will be running a webinar exclusively for our network on Friday 4th December at 9am: register here to attend.

About the Scheme
In September 2020, the Department of Work and Pensions launched the Kickstart Scheme. The primary purpose of the Scheme is to provide meaningful and valuable work and employability training to 16-24 year olds at risk of long term unemployment.
It also enables businesses to take advantage of practical and financial support to help recover from the impact of COVID-19. Businesses can get fully subsidised members of staff for six months on minimum wage for 25 hours a week and a grant to support the placement.

There has been huge interest in the Scheme, with over 300,000 applications submitted across the UK to date. However, there have also been a large number of rejections.

If an organisation is applying for less than 30 places, it must apply through a registered Gateway, such as People and Their Brilliance. The Gateway then submits the application on behalf of the organisation.

Alexander Rosse have asked People and Their Brilliance to run a webinar for our network, to explain how the scheme works, key considerations and how to make a successful application.


Join Darius Norell, Founder of People and Their Brilliance, at our webinar on Friday 4th December at 9am UK time. Darius had over 20 years experience in the field and will be talking through…

  • Details of the scheme and what you need to apply
  • How to maximise the chances of your Kickstart application getting approved
  • How the recruitment process works and how to think through who the right Kickstart trainees would be for your business
  • Details on the requirements for employability training
  • How the grant funding and audit process works alongside the placement
  • How People and Their Brilliance is supporting employers through the process, managing all the hassle and admin, so you are able to get the maximum benefit from the Kickstart Scheme

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People and Their Brilliance
Email: jasper@thebrilliance.co.uk
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