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Alexander Rosse | Alexander Rosse added to UK’s network of leading accountants
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Alexander Rosse added to UK’s network of leading accountants

We are delighted to announce that Alexander Rosse has joined the Handpicked Accountants network as the latest firm located in Milton Keynes and London. The accolade highlights our success as we celebrate our 10 year anniversary in the field as an all-servicing and independent firm for SMEs, start-ups, contractors and sole traders.
Having been in operation for over a decade, our experienced founders and team of chartered accountants have established a national customer base, including selected global businesses across the globe through our partner networks. We take pride in providing a service which can be easily accessed by business owners, with no surprises or unexpected costs. Our fixed fee accountancy services integrate access to Xero as we are a Xero platinum partner. This allows us to offer highly intelligent software to the businesses that we work with, simplifying the task of bookkeeping.
Our chartered accountants provide outstanding accounting, bookkeeping and business advisory services, so we are proud to have been recognised by the Handpicked Accountants platform, championed by Begbies Traynor group. Handpicked Accountants closely assesses each accountancy firm to ensure that they meet the high standards of communication, customer service and reputation. Based on trust factors and years of experience, the Handpicked Accountants team invite only the highest performing accountants to join Handpicked Accountants.
David Tattersall, Head of Client Relations at Handpicked Accountants, said, “The team at Alexander Rosse are of a high calibre and recognised widely for their outstanding treatment of customers and thorough understanding of the industry. The firm has a vast library of tools and resources to support businesses looking for tax planning services and information on the latest HMRC guidelines. I am proud to welcome Alexander Rosse to the Handpicked Accountants community. ”
Our profile on Handpicked Accountants for Milton Keynes and London is now live.