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Accounting and Bookkeeping


Alexander Rosse is an accountancy practice founded in 2009 and built around the needs of its clients. The firm was founded by a group of highly experienced accountants who had all worked for major accountancy practices and wanted to use their experience to bring exceptional service to the small and medium-sized business sector. The first decision was to design the practice around Xero, the world’s easiest accounting software.

We thrive on receiving great feedback from our clients and we believe we have the people, processes, systems and attitude to deliver the very best.



Business Advisory


Our senior team has depth and breadth of experience advising businesses of all sizes. Our focus at Alexander Rosse is around helping entrepreneurs develop their businesses. Our accounting and bookkeeping service offers the financial control and discipline that businesses need, and our advisory service helps them move to the next level.

We have a core team of specialists in a range of business sectors with the depth and breadth of experience to help entrepreneurs generate value. Come and talk to us about your issues and see if we can help.



Corporate Finance


We know that funding is one of the biggest challenges faced by small businesses today. Our experience tells us that the money is out there, but getting to it takes longer and requires a high-quality business plan. It also needs a network or contacts within banks, venture capital houses, high net worth individuals and angel investors, so that proposals are distributed to the best audience.

We have an impeccable track record in helping small businesses raise funding at every stage of the business life cycle. We will assess the proposal and tell you what further information is needed to make the proposal “saleable”. We can then help you build the final proposal, before taking it through the whole process of raising funds. We are keen to talk to businesses at all stages of their development. Call us for a no-obligation chat.





We handle day-to-day tax affairs for organisations in dozens of different sectors, giving us in-house experience of most types of businesses. We believe that discipline around tax compliance is important so that no deadlines are missed and work is accurate.

We are happy to advise on matters of corporate structure for all types of organisations, across all sectors. Our aim is to help our clients keep as much of their money as they can. When it comes to more complex tax matters, we have access to a number of advisors who are trusted by us and experts within their respective fields and we will turn to them for advice. We believe tax planning is critical at every stage of a business’s development and are keen to advise accordingly.